Photos of the family

Kenya, November 2019

Kenya, June 2017

It was absolutely wonderful to see everyone again. 


Bentas home village, Uyawi

This is Bentas home village, Uyawi. Her relatives are very poor and can’t care for her permanently. Every time when there are school holidays, Benta stays with them for about a week so that they don’t lose contact. From time to time we support them with little gifts or pay school fees for some of the children of Bentas Family. In the year 2012 we managed to built a water pipe which now gives the family and the neighbors fresh water. Still, it is not as clean as out of the bottle, but with a bit of boiling it is perfect drinking water. At least now, Bentas’ old and ill father doesn’t have to walk to Lake Victoria anymore to fetch water. This took him several hours every day.