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I have been traveling to Kenya regularly since 2007 and initiated my own little project which I’d rather call my Kenyan family. Keep on reading to get some more information!

May I introduce…

About us…

Two friends of mine (Hillary and Glender – a kenyan couple) and I have fostered two kids -Diana and Benta. Hillary and Glender also have two children of their own, Natasha and Peter. They all live together in a town called Kisumu in Kenya in an apartment we’re renting. In the past we have also supported Glenders’ Brother Ben. Thanks to donations, he was able to go to University and is now a primary school teacher.
My friends and the kids are now a family. The kids are finally having the chance to go to school, visit acting classes, join the scouts etc. and are like siblings to each other. And, of course, the most important thing: they have loving parents who are able to care for them.

The stories of the kids are no fun at all, some have experienced things that kids shouldn’t even know about. It was a very long way until we’ve reached this point, but at least now they can live together in peace. We finance everything by donations. 

100% of the donations we’re receiving are going straight to the family and nothing is wasted on administration or bureaucracy. With the money the children receive varied and healthy nutrition, school fees are paid, the kids receive new school uniforms every year and of course they live in a safe and clean home with electricity and running water.  

Benta is still in contact with her relatives who live in a remote village near Bondo. For many years now I have also supported children in the village to go to school and assisted the family when they needed support, e.g. in case of illnesses. Years ago we have also build a water pipe line which unfortunately in the meantime has been deactivated.

For two years Hillarys’ Cousin Lydia,  who is about Bentas age, has lived with us while her family was going through a difficult time. Today, Lydia is back with her family in Bungoma. 

All donations made go directly to the family and nothing is wasted on administration or bureaucracy.Monthly donations help us the most, because then it is easier for us to budget ahead. Anyway, we are grateful for all donations – big or small – and appreciate any support we can get!Thank you so much for making this possible!!! 

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