About Theresa

Hi there, 

You have landed on the website of someone who has a massive passion for life and interest in a million and one things. Born and raised in Austria, I moved to the UK in the end of 2014 to be with my fiancé Aram. 

My life is anything but ordinary and I have worked in many different fields and done a lot of exciting things.

When I was 17 years old I nearly became a professional Salsa dancer. Two years later I started my own charitable project in Kenya, which to this day supports orphans for a better life. I trained to become a Clown, travelled to Kenya eleven times, became fluent in Swahili, studied African studies and Social and Cultural Anthropology and have travelled the world for nine months. I moved to a new country, the UK, where I have now lived for nearly four years. I worked in the travel industry for about three years and have then changed my life completely by giving up my secure and well paid job to become a Freelancer in the TV/Film industry. Mad! I know! Now I feel that my passion for travel is just the greatest and will soon see where life is taking me next. I love new challenges, exciting projects and to meet interesting people every day. 

My favourite word is FANTASTIC.

I am a vegetarian.

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