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Change of plans – Hello, Sri Lanka!

10. Juli 2013 – Sri Lanka

The last month I’ve spent in Sri Lanka. That was a totally new experience for me and actually wasn’t part of my original journey.

A few months ago, before I started my journey around the world, I went to London for a few days where I met my boyfriend Aram. We both planned on going travel that year which fit perfectly together. We were supposed to meet each other in Thailand later on but then being apart from each other for so long was really hard, so I changed my plans and came to the first stop of his world trip – Sri Lanka. Aram has got many relatives in Sri Lanka since his dad is from there and I had a wonderful time meeting them and spending time getting to know the “real” Sri Lanka. Aram’s relatives took us to many places in Colombo, the capital, and showed us around. I felt so happy, at peace and complete since all that missing had finally come to an end.

Rambukkana, Sri Lanka

Rambukkana, Sri Lanka

After spending one week with Aram’s family, Aram’s friend Greg came to Sri Lanka as well and we all started our journey together. Sri Lanka is an amazingly beautiful country. There are so many things to see and to do so we took two weeks to explore it. It´s very different to the many places I’ve seen before. I have never been to India but many people compare it a bit,… well, I still think it might be very different but I don’t know.

Sri Lanka Train

On the train

We tried lots of different methods of transport. Going by train is not only fun but also gives you the best view of the indescribable landscape. Also I was fascinated by all the beautiful temples. I prefer the temples in Sri Lanka to the temples I´ve seen in Thailand since the ones in SL are not so ostentatious and more humble.

We went snorkeling around Pigeon Island (where we even saw sharks), had a nice ride on an elephant (from a nice little elephant orphanage where they treat them well!), climbed Sigiriya Rock and Greg and Aram celebrated their first standing up on a surfboard.

Sigiriya Rock

Sigiriya Rock

We met wonderful people on our way… one of them was Rasika, a Rasta from Matara. He hosted us in Arugam Bay, the Surfer´s paradise in Sri Lanka. (update: in the meantime he now lives in Matara and can be found in “Uprising” – Restaurant)
What a wonderful, open minded and peaceful person! If anyone of you is going to Sri Lanka you need to stay with him! When we went to Matara, we stayed with Rasika´s friend Ranjith who also took great care of us. His guesthouse with only two rooms has its own little beach where you can watch sea turtles swim! At some times of the year you could even watch them laying eggs on the beach and then watch the baby turtles find their way back to the sea. It is a wonderful little place to have some relaxed time.

Rasika and Us

Rasika, Greg, Aram and I

I really loved Sri Lanka. Our time there has been so happy and peaceful. Aram’s family is amazing and I loved discovering the country. Our stay was perfect and I know that I want to go back there.




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Sri Lanka

(in process)

These are the places I’ve been to so far:


An absolutely amazing city with many things to do and see!
Don’t miss the following attractions which might NOT be in your tour guide:


  • Gangaramaya, 61, Sri Jinaratana Road

One of the most beautiful temples I’ve ever seen in my life. In contrary to temples in e.g. Thailand, the temples in Sri Lanka are not as ostentatious but more humble. Less gold, more flat and earthy colors. There are elephants living in the temple and they’re being washed and praised every day.

  • The Floating Temple

Actually floats on a lake in the city. Absolutely beautiful!

Food & Drinks:

  • The Gallery Cafe

Beautiful location with unique atmosphere. Pricy, but really delicious food and wine!

  • The Gall Face Hotel

In the center of Colombo. Sit in comfortable chairs, enjoy the most amazing cocktails and watch the sun set over the ocean. A MUST!

Shopping / unique souvenirs:

  • Barefoot

Beautiful Sri Lankan textiles, tasteful notebooks, postcards, pictures, masks, bags and much much more. There is also a little café in the courtyard which you shouldn’t miss!

BAREFOOT, 706 Galle Road, Colombo 3, Sri Lanka.
BAREFOOT, 41 Pedlar Street, Fort, Galle, Sri Lanka
BAREFOOT, Dutch Hospital, Fort, Colombo 1, Sri Lanka


Elephant Orphanage:

  • Millennium Elephant Foundation, Randeniya, Hiriwadunna, Kegalle

Webseite: MEF
A lovely orphanage for elephants. The animals are being treated very well and are being cared for. It is possible to ride on them but only for about 10 minutes so that they’re not overburdened. The environment is really nice and there are many people/travelers volunteering there. Lovely atmosphere! Also you can “bath” an elephant and enjoy an “elephant shower” which is lots of fun! There is a nice gift shop where you can buy notebooks made of “elephant-poo-paper” and leave a donation. The workers and volunteers will be happy to tell you more about the individual elephants living there.

Around the corner of that orphanage is the “Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage”. I didn’t really like that orphanage. The elephants have enough space and the landscape is absolutely beautiful but still I am not convinced that the elephants are being treated very well there. At some point they separated a baby elephant from his mother so that tourists could feed the baby with a bottle. The mother was standing in a corner and cried. I hated that! On the other hand I think the elephants there have lots of space and are taken to a lake or river every day. Unfortunately some workers there are a bit rude. They tell you to take a photo of the elephants or stroke one and then ask you for money. I am sure that money doesn’t go to the orphanage.